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28 year old Leawood KS

May 17, 2015                                                  
I have been to Dr. Perez 5 times to get a filler injected. Every time he does a great job and he takes his time. I’ve been other places where they rush through the procedure. Dr Perez has you look with the mirror and walks with you through the procedure . I love coming to him, such a nice, great Doctor!

41 with 3 kids in Overland Park

March 30, 2015                                                  
I had two kids and then I had my 9 year old 14 years later! Big stretch  yea I know my body went topsey turbo on me real quick! I debated went to a p.s twice which she pretty much told me the cost and that was it! So  years past by and I was given a name of a p.s here in op ks he was more than concern he was the one who made me say yes! Dr Perez came in explained detail for detail  what he would do what to expect he even drew pictures! His staff was  soooo nice they made me feel so comfortable as this was a very important decision and a lot of hard earned money I had saved. They called before the procedure and each day after even the doc himself called me! The pain isn’t as bad as some may seem! The breast lift was no pain as  the tummy tuck took over that lol! I love it instant gratification!

48 Year old had lipo on abdomen

March 13, 2015                                                  
I went for a consultation with Dr Perez last week to see if I would be a candidate for laser lipo. I just got home from having the procedure done, and it was a wonderful experience. Stephanie, and Vanessa are very helpful. Diana and Dr Perez are amazing. I felt very comfortable, and it was not painful. I can not wait until my follow up appointment on Tuesday. Dr. Perez is very skilled, and made me laugh which was a great distraction for me. Diana was wonderful to sit and talk with me while the procedure was going on.

20 Year old had Brazilian butt lift

Feb 3, 2015                                                  
Thorough with his consultation, with very informative instructions. Staff is very friendly and helpful too! Trying to correct my now “square” looking shape while enhancing my butt. What used to be a round, toned and perky butt has now become flabby, flat and disappointing. I was in a rush to do this surgery because I’m getting married April 11, 2015 so I haven’t had time to mentally prepare for it; however, I have done months and months of research and knew I wanted to have this done. First couple days after sx was definitely not as bad as I was expecting. Pretty sore and tender, but not painful (there’s a difference). I stopped taking my pain medicine about 2 days ago. Today was my first follow up appointment. I also had my first shower and poop today too! Big day for me haha. I had my drains taken out and that is such a freeing feeling not having those in. I feel miles better. Im still walking kinda funny, kinda arched forward because my butt still feels weird and heavy. Its like a rock, the doctor said he always jokes in the operating room about buns of steel haha. He said he got 1040cc in each cheek and had to toss about 400cc that was left over. OMG i look amazing! If my posts will ever load I will get pics up here. The contouring from liposuction alone looks fabulous, but I must say I am obsessed with this booty :) Sleeping on my tummy and not sitting really suck, but damn am I happy with my results. Hopefully it doesn’t shrink after swelling goes down. Also, I want to mention the first couple days my butt was square ish. Like big and flat up at the top, but it’s settling down and rounding out! Like I said, I’m very pleased so far.


Local elementary student job shadows Dr. Perez.

Geovanna Delcole 

51 Year Old Successful Business Woman

January 14, 2015                                                  
Dr. Perez always takes his time with me. And isn’t your typical rushing, arrogant doctor.  I love him and his staff. Dr. Perez has been doing my Botox and fillers for a couple of years. Before Dr. Perez, I was seeing one of the most well known plastic surgeons in the city. Every time I left his office, a few days later I would have at least one droopy eyebrow. Dr. Perez takes his time and is methodical about his injections. He does all the injections himself. He never passes me on to a nurse. I have never had any drooping with his Botox injections. As a matter of fact, I referred one of my best male friends to him and he agrees that Dr. Perez is the best Botox Doc in the city. I would also like to mention that his wife and business Partner and her staff are another reason that I keep going back. They are exceptional. So friendly, organized and knowledgeable. I feel so comfortable going there. I plan to have some other work done and I will definitely go back to Dr. Perez and staff.


May 5, 2014                                                  
Finally found Dr. Perez, after seeing several KC area plastic surgeons for help in correcting problems from facelift done by LSL last November.  He is starting with conservative Juvederm injections to correct volume and contour loss in the near term, and I will probably need fat transfer for a more permanent solution later on.  Dr. Perez did an excellent job with the Juvederm and he is very caring and empathetic.  I am most impressed with his humility and high ethical standards.  I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an ethical, compassionate and skilled plastic surgeon.


January 27, 2014
I was motivated to seek facial volume because of bad surgeries that had reduced volume.  He added volume to cheeks, nasal folds and under eyes.  I had minimal bruising and swelling, and the nurse was available for questions.  I have also had Botox injections at his office.  He has been proficient with all procedures and questions asked. I feel that Dr. Perez is very honest and sincere, and seems conservative and careful.  He did an excellent job with my Juvederm injections.  I recommend him to friends.


December 4, 2013 
I had my consultation with Dr. Perez on Oct 8, 2013. I had my consultation with Dr. Perez on Oct 8, 2013. When I walked into his office I didn’t know what to expect?” However, the office was very updated and very clean. My wait was within 5 minutes after I filled out my paperwork. The office staff is very personable, friendly and very informational!!. Thanks Vanessa and Stefany!!. And last but not least……Ms. Diana! WOW! I love her!! Shes Dr. Perez’s nurse. Diana was friendly she gave her honest opinion, and treated me like I was part of the family. I was so comfortable with Dr. Perez and his staff.
Now lets talk about Dr. Perez:  Dr. Perez walked in greeted  me with a hand shake and  a a smile and he has a sense of humor! He introduced himself and started reviewing  my chart and request. Once he was done he began  to educate me on the anatomy of the breast I was stocked! I felt like I was in high school, he had his pen and paper out and started drawing and explaining the anatomy of the breast to me I was floored!!! I had visited three (3) other doctors and not one of them educated me on the breast, just the procedure itself and their technique.  Dr.Perez taught a lesson and educated me on the breast tissue, the breast gland what the difference is in breast fat, breast gland, and also the areola and nipple. I was very impressed. Dr. Perez is gifted and extremely knowledgeable! Thorough and very detail oriented! He is a 5 star!!!!. He went beyond to explain the surgery, his technique, and was very honest about what would work and what wouldn’t. He was very patient, never was intimated with questions that I asked. I was not rushed out of the doctors office, in fact, I was in his office about 30 minutes. He clearly understands that this is “major” anytime your making adjustment and disturbing your body you need to feel as comfortable as possible. I scheduled my appointment for surgery before I left the office that’s how comfortable I was.
OKAY, RESULTS PLEASE??!!……Dr. Perez you gave nothing but GOOD RESULTS! YOU HAD NO EXCUSES! WOW! I am honored to recommend you. DR. PEREZ is the best!! I lovvve my result!!!!. Dr. Perez was right… other doctor uses his technique. He takes pride in his work! He’s hands on. The surgery is performed by himself only….. no other Dr. is performing the surgery with him. From my understanding it is normally two Dr. performing the surgery. With his breast lifts/reductions he does a very artistic procedure. It looks and appears like you have breast implants! Most Dr. work that I have reviewed their breast reductions and lifts are done with a breast implant to achieve the upper pole fullness. With Dr. Perez artistic technique he is able to achieve the look without an implant its all you! All natural! And the incisions are so thin and precise. He’s a perfectionist!!!He’s second to none!!! Having a Dr. that is honest with you is priceless!!!!


June 4, 2013

I had Juverdem procedure done by Dr. Perez. I must say I am very happy with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Perez for any procedure. I usually get this procedure done in New York City, and quite frankly, it’s very painful, however, Dr. Perez localized the area and I did not feel any pain at all. Be assured, most doctors do not localized the area for this procedure.


December 14, 2012

i had lipo with fat transfer to my buttocks. i always wanted a rounder and fuller butt. i had it done october 5th, im 2 months out. when i first went home i had a real big butt (which was great) over time the swelling went down, which is normal,(my butt shrunk) dr.perez shaped me very nicely although it has shrunk it has maintained the shape that he gave me. the lipo i had done on my flanks is very nice, no fat any more, there is still a little swelling. i also had lipo on my stomach and the back of my legs rite under my butt, they are both a little swollen as well, results take awhile to fully see when getting lipo. as long as you follow the instructions the doctor gives you, your results will make you happy. i look so much better in jeans and tight fitting shirts. i will have breast augumantation next with dr.perez. i rated dr. perez very high because he was honest in what to expect with my proceedure and his office staff is very nice and helpful. he takes time with his patients and listens.u dont have long waits at the office when you have an apoitment. i feel like im in good hands with dr.perez and his staff.he has a great staff at his office, they are very knowledgeable and make you feel comfortable. i recomend him to everyone!


August 24, 2012
google!!! absolutly amazing, i have had a super bad experiecnce a few weeks befor meeting him and his staff…there is a lovely young lady by the name of stepfany, and she is at the font desk, shes totally knowledgeable of everything that dr.perez does…she knew the answer to everything!! as for doctor..i had my consult scheduled for 30 min, and he spent almost 2 hours with me…and let me know what was up!! he was extremely thorough…i havent even gotten surgery yet, and im super scared, but ill tell you one thing, my comfort level is off the charts with them…all of them, staff and doctor..i really recommend you giving them a call if you are even considering anything!!!!!! ill write another one of these after surgery!! im so excited! and so glad i chose the right doctor!!!



February 9, 2012
I have had seven procedures done by Dr. Perez. The first was an abdominoplasty. He did a beautiful job! I never had any of the problems that other’s I have known have had with this major surgery. Because I’ve worked in the health care field and am at higher risk for infection, Dr. Perez took lots of precautions to insure that I wouldn’t end up with an infection in my wounds. Since that time, Dr. Perez has done an upper and lower blepheroplasty, Smart face lift, laser resurfacing (twice) fat transfer and platysmoplasty (neck). His bedside manner, the friendliness of the staff and his wonderful wife, Dianna, who is an RN is a wonderful patient advocate. With each procedure, Dr. and Mrs. Perez were available for any questions that I had and were easily accesible. After my upper and lower blepheroplasty, I had a concern. Even though Dr. Perez was going to be out of town for a Medical Conference, he gave me his cell phone number and answered me right away when I called. I wouldn’t trust another surgeon the way I trust Dr. Perez.



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