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Nose Surgery

Also known as “Rhinoplasty” or “Nose Job”

The Medical term for Nose Surgery is Rhinoplasty, which is Latin for “nose improvement.” The purpose of this surgery is to reshape the nasal structures to  change the shape of the tip or the bridge of the nose, to reduce or increase the size of the nose, to narrow the span of the nostrils, or even change the angle between your nose and your upper lip. It can also correct or help relieve some breathing problems with improvement of airflow through the nose. Dr. Perez has been providing nose surgery in the Kansas City area (including Overland Park, Leawood, and Kansas City) since 2002.

The Consultation

During your consultation Dr. Perez will discuss with you all of your concerns.  He will examine your nose and nasal passages, and you will have the opportunity to discuss your cosmetic goals.  Dr. Perez will evaluate you as a candidate for rhinoplasty and clarify what this surgery can do for you.  Then a treatment plan, specific to you, will be formulated.

The Surgery 

Most rhinoplasties that Dr. Perez performs are usually done under general anesthesia (sleep through the operation) at an accredited outpatient surgical facility in the Overland Park area. In some cases (minimal work to be done) it may be performed under local anesthesia, with the use of oral sedation and local anesthetic injections.  The nose and the surrounding area will be numbed, however, the patient will be awake during the surgery.  Most of the time the surgical approach of choice is the open approach where the incision is made underneath and inside the nose allowing the skin to be lifted up off the nasal structures.  This approach allows for better surgical visualization enhancing the surgeon’s ability to exactly define the shape, size and location of the result.  Rarely a closed approached may be utilized due to its limitations.  This approach consists of a surgical incision just inside the nostril.  Each patient’s surgical needs vary. Some patients may need a septoplasty to correct deviations of the septal cartilage.  Some patients may need a dorsal hump reduction to correct the profile.  While others may need nasal bone fracture to narrow the width of the nasal bridge.

The Recovery

After Nose Surgery, swelling will be present throughout the nose and often times in the cheeks.  Patients are instructed on the use of ice and the importance of keeping the head elevated 30 degrees at all times to help keep swelling to a minimum.  This means sleeping with 2 or 3 pillows or sitting in a reclining chair. Most of the time pain is well controlled with oral narcotic pain medication. Patients can often expect to have some bruising develop in the face that will gradually fade from purple to yellow. Nasal stuffiness or nasal dryness is a common symptom that can be treated with the use of nasal saline solution.  Frequently, nasal bleeding is present for approximately 24 hours and it is very important not to blow the nose during this period.  Nasal splints internally and externally will be in place until the first post-operative appointment.  At that time they will be removed and nasal taping will be applied to support and stabilize the nose as it heals.  Patients are advised to wear this flesh colored tape for 2 weeks (24 hours a day) then 12 hours a day for another two weeks. This is done to help decrease nasal swelling.  Most of the swelling will dissipate in 2 to 3 weeks; however expect it to take up to 1 year for the final swelling to be gone.  Dr. Perez advises patients on nasal massage around 2 weeks post operative to help facilitate the healing process.

The Results

Take a look at our Nose Surgery before and after gallery to see what we have been able to do for some of our patients.

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